Kirwan Heights Fire Department


Kirwan Heights Fire Department is a combination (paid/volunteer) service that provides Fire Suppression, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the residents of Collier Township and surrounding communities.

Our station is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with at least 4 members, and often by several additional voluteers. Primary responsibility for our on-duty crews is to the EMS service. But we also have a strong volunteer base of 40 members.

•  All members are cross-trained in Fire, Rescue, and EMS.

•  100% of our members are medically trained from First Responders to Paramedics.

•  100% of our members have completed Essentials and Structure Burn Sessions.

•  50% of these members have attained Firefighter I certification.

•  Over 70% of our members have formal rescue training, with a large number of those members being Basic Vehicle Rescue - Technicians and Special Vehicle Rescue - Technicians.

KHFD has been located at the corner of Vanadium Road and Washington Pike since 1930, but the look of the station has changed greatly.

In 1970, a large addition was added onto the original building structure (left side) in order for the department to acquire a larger engine. This engine was obtained to better serve the Universal Stainless complex and the residents of Kirwan Heights and Collier Township.

In 1996, another garage was built onto the rear of the department for the same reason.

In 2004, the largest renovation to date started. From bottom floor to the top floor EMS garage, the entirety of the interior of the station was remodeled. The top floor EMS garage also saw the addition of a crew room.

In 2009, along with the addition of a 2009 Hackney-built custom Heavy Rescue, KHFD also received a grant for the addition of a gear extractor. This industrial sized washing machine (and dryer) is used specifically for cleaning and maintaining turn-out gear. This protective clothing is vital to the safety of our firefighters and the protection of our residents. We currently rotate our gear through the washer 2 times per year, unless otherwise indicated.

Currently, KHFD stands as a three level structure. The bottom floor, or engine garage, houses Engine 124 and Rescue 124. Also, on the bottom floor is our maintenance room, crew locker room, and main storage room. The second floor is used as our multiple purpose room. Sections of this floor are used as a meeting room, recreation room (exercise equipment, pool table, TV, and dinner table), kitchen, offices, shower room, and bathrooms. Throughout the second floor, you will find pictures and assorted items from our history. We have a proud history and honor our fellow members through these displays.

The top floor of the building (accessed from Washington Pike) houses our fleet of Advanced Lift Support ambulances. Also, on the top floor you will find the EMS crew room. This room serves as the day to day operations center for KHFD. Our EMS service provides coverage to Collier Township and Heidelberg Boro 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.