Fire Protection

Kirwan Heights Fire Department provides Fire Suppression for the residents of Collier Township. The department is made up of volunteer and career firefighters and EMS personnel. We are located at 1200 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA 15017; ten minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Kirwan Heights Fire Department also provides Fire Suppression to the surrounding communities of Heidelberg, Mt. Lebanon, and Scott Township.


Each Firefighter at Kirwan Heights is required to complete a Basic Firefighting Course through the State Fire Academy. This course consists of four (4) modules. Students are taught the science of fire, interior and exterior firefighting techiques, use of ladders, hoses, and handle tools, and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) use. This labor intensive course is held 3 days a week and can take upwards of three (3) months to complete.

We are a "Participating Department" in the PA State Fire Commissioner's Voluntary Certification program. There are three levels of recognition through the State program: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

This certification indicates that a percentage of our members have attained professional certification, as defined by the State Fire Commissioner. The percentages are as follows: (Bold type represents are current level)

10% Sticker Only  •  50% Bronze Border  •  75% Silver Border  •  100% Gold Border

We strongly encourage our members to continue their hands-on firefighter training through courses that are held at the Allegheny County Fire Academy.

Participating Department
The Participating Department designation is awarded to departments whose members achieve certification in one of the following fire disciplines:

- Firefighter I
- Firefighter II
- Fire Officer I
- Fire Officer II
- Fire Instructor I
- HazMat (ProBoard)
- Rescue Technician
We are currently in the application process for the Silver level, which indicates that at least 75% of our members are professionally certified.