We took delivery of a new heavy rescue truck in 2009, which serves as the primary apparatus for Rescue and Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) responses. In early 2010, the rescue was certified as an Advanced Life Support Squad by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. As of October 2011, we have been certified as a State Certified Rescue (Operations Level) through the Pa Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition (VRSR) program.

Rescue 124

Rescue 124 is a 2009 Hackney rescue on a Spartan chassis. It features an 8-person cab, built-in PTO-driven generator and light tower, and a through-the-chassis stretcher mount for our RIT equipment.

Some of the equipment includes:

  • Full compliment of ALS gear.
  • Hurst-brand hydraulic spreaders, cutters and combi-tools
  • Hurst-brand portable electric spreaders
  • Rope rescue equipment
  • HazMat response materials
  • Rapid Intervention Team equipment
  • Mass Casualty Incident supplies
  • Incident Rehabilitation equipment
Advanced Life Support Squad
ALSAn ALS Squad is a vehicle licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to provide ALS medical care. Licensure requirements dictate a wide variety of equipment to be carried beyond the basics, such as medications, IV supplies, and cardiac monitors.
Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition
VRSRThis program was put in place by the PA State Fire Commissioner to recognize services that provide high-quality rescue services. We are currently certified at the Operations level.